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The XavierBro13 encyclopedia knowledge Wikia
Skylight Reishine
Skylight Reishine.png
Species Human/Fox/Pony
Age 20
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Cyan Green
Factions Hunters
Element Type Light
Weapons Keyblade
Home World Apocalypse Era
―Skylight Reishine, ?
Skylight Reishine (天窓 霊芝, Tenmado Reishi) is a Protagonist and a Light Element in the Hunters. Skylight is a warrior and a master with guns who actually can hide her guns all the time whenever she needs to. Skylight was also the one who's DNA was so far enough to give birth to Lloyd Drako.


Skylight appears as identical as Lloyd Drako. She has very bright blonde long hair, Teal Cyan Green eyes, She wears a long dress that can go to little bit to her knee, She also supports wearing Big yellow boots as well as supporting a Fox tail and Fox ears like her DNA clone Lloyd.

In her Pony form Skylight has a bright tan-ish coat, as well as a golden mane that looks like that of a changeling and holes in her legs like that of a changeling. She also has dark sand pale wings and she's blind but has sea green eyes that shine. She wears a pink shirt, her blue heart necklace, and golden bracelets with blue gems in them. If you removed her shirt, you'd see the color of her shell is a hot pink color and she also has a horn similar to that of a changeling.


Skylight Is kind, caring, and loving. She cares about everypony who isn’t mean and she’ll stick up for Leena anywhere at anytime. Leena helped her through the pain of loss and in turn, made Skylight a lot more cheerful.


The third in her generation and the last. She got the most changeling DNA and had to fight alongside her siblings. Though they escaped to different times in the past and Skylight met Leena. They instantly fell in love and had many foals from when they met to their marriage 20 minutes later. They now live together in happiness. Though Skylight is afraid to turn Psychosky in front of Leena.

Special Attacks[]

Weapon Attacks[]

Element Type[]

Skylight is classified as a Light Element.


Skylight's true weakness is against the Dark Element.



  • Skylight almost resembles Zoey Hanson from Tokyo Mew Mew.