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The XavierBro13 encyclopedia knowledge Wikia
Savier Spiritwolf
Savier Spiritwolf.png
Species Human/Pony/Angel
Age 9
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Gender Male
Hair Color White, Green, Blue and Purple
Eye Color Blue and Green
Factions Hunters
Element Type Ice
Weapons Frost Arm
Icicle Blade
Snowstorm Bow
Frozen Club
Freezeflame Orbitars
Cold Palm
Home World Unknown
"What's wrong? Too cold"
―Savier Spiritwolf, From Super Smash Bros. Ultimate RP
Savier Spiritwolf is a Protagonist and a Ice Element in the Hunters series. Savier Holds a total of 6 Weapons in his innovatory, Mostly all of his weapons are from Kid Icarus. Savier also has a Dark Counterpart named Negative Savier.


Savier is a young boy, paler than anyone and he had one bright blue eye and the other eye was bright green with multicolored hair, his hair color was white with occasional streaks of either icy blue, bright green, or bright purple. He wore a white t-shirt and bright blue shorts. He also wore bright blue sneakers along withwhite socks and he had bracers made of ice on his wrists. He even had pure white wings as well as his hair was about the same length as Xavier's, down to the top of his shoulders, though slightly less spiky and never seems to change no matter how strong the winds He also had arctic wolf ears and an arctic wolf tail. The only difference between him and his genderbend is that the girl had longer hair, down to the bottom of her shoulders, and that her wings were slightly larger.


Savier is mostly Cocky of the Faction due to him mostly taunting his opponent.


Special Attacks[]

  • Two Handed Bash
  • Barrel Roll Kick
  • Barrel Roll Punch

Weapon Attacks[]

  • Palm Charge Shot
  • Whirlwind Dash
  • Short Power of Flight
  • Orbital Open Fire
  • Frost Whirlwind

Element Type[]

Savier is classified as a Ice Element.


Savier is weak against Fire Elements, Also he can go out of control insanely if taken seriously.