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Nightflare Drake
Nightflare Drake.png
Species Human/Unknown
Age 15
Height 4'3"
Weight 149 lbs.
Gender Male
Hair Color Dark Sky Blue
Eye Color Blue
Factions Hunters
Element Type Water
Weapons Lunar Sky Keychain
Home World Unknown
―Nightflare Drake, ?
Nightflare Drake (夜のフレア ドレイク, Yoru no furea doreiku) is a Protagonist and a Mixture of Water, Light and Dark Elements with his Water and Light Elements being a Expert in it.


He has dark skin and dark sky blue hair. He has one bright blue feathery wing and one dark blue and black dragon wing. He wears a dark blue and dark grey shirt, light blue shorts, white socks, and dark grey and dark blue sneakers. He also has night blue eyes that seem to sparkle when the moon is showing. He also occasionally carries a leather satchel with him.


He’s fairly calm and polite, but is easily angered and sometimes has an urge to kill things that harm his loved ones if you piss him off enough. He’s violent when angered but never harms his friends. He's also fairly gullible yet loyal.


He was training alongside Tael but eventually left just before he ascended to the title of Elemental Guardian. He went down his own path and has been in combat. He gained the ability to wield a key-blade from a mysterious cloaked being. He went around the worlds, fighting the heartless on his own, never stopping to even say hi. He was on his own quest to find his home-world. He studied the abilities the heartless held and using his risky move, "Ability Steal", took some of those abilities for himself, except in his own Nightflare themed versions. He, after 10 years, returned to the world he knew as home and met Suki. He instantly had a crush on her but didn't admit it at first, though he was repeatedly hinting at it. After a while he admitted his feelings for her and she felt the same way. Though, after all this time, he still has yet to propose to her.

Special Attacks[]

  • Glide
  • Triple Jump
  • Blizzagun
  • Thunderbolt
  • Fly
  • Lunar Blast
  • Lunar Beam
  • Lunar Explosion

Weapon Attacks[]

  • Frost Blast
  • Double Water Fang
  • Dark Leap
  • Counter Rune

Element Type[]

Nightflare is classified as a Water, Dark and Light Type altogether, However he's an expert to the Water and Light Elements.


Nightflare Drake is pretty obviously weak against electric elements because of how the thunder can hit water, electrocuting thousands of creatures underwater.