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Lloyd Drako
Lloyd Drako.png
Species Human/Fox
Age 18
Height 3'11"
Weight 119.6 lbs (54.2 kg)
Gender Male
Hair Color Yellow
Eye Color Emerald
Factions Hunters
Element Type Light
Weapons Keyblade
Home World Virtual World
"I'm not going to fight for a lost cause.."
―Lloyd Drako, to his creator, before killing him.
Lloyd Drako (ロイドそのまま反映, Roido sonomama han'ei) is a Protagonist and a Mew Mew in the Hunters Faction. Lloyd is classified as a Light Element due to having a Darkside Counterpart in the series. He is also (possibly, not sure?) Married to Zoe Hanson. Since in his past his life was nothing but trash, Making life for him rough.


Lloyd is a pale-ish human with sea green eyes and blonde hair. He wears a golden T-Shirt with long blue jeans and golden sneakers in his normal form. While in his Mew Mew form, he wears a golden sleeveless shirt, a golden choker that has lace at the edges, a pendant with the same mark that is on his ankle, as well as an arm garter and leg garters that have lace at the edges too, as well as in his Mew Mew form, he has a golden fox tail and fox ears. He holds his Keyblade, Silver Heart most of the time.


Lloyd is mostly nice with his allies, However he usually has problems remembering his past well, He is also happily dating Zoe Hanson in most of his days.


Lloyd Drako was the first attempt at cloning Skylar Reishine, being first created in the virtual world, his creators eventually let him out only to be used as a weapon. After several weeks, Lloyd wouldn't do it anymore, he was sick of fighting for a, as he put it, "lost cause". He flat out mercilessly killed his creator and escaped. After years of wandering, he left through a Time Gate, left open by Xavier and Alexavier.

Special Attacks[]

Weapon Attacks[]

  • Ribbon Sky Fall
  • Soundwave Blast
  • Dimensional Reverse
  • Magelight
  • Lighting Spin

Element Type[]

Lloyd is classified a Light Element.




  • Lloyd and Dark Lloyd both played major rolls in Super Smash Bros Battle Royale as Both Pit (Lloyd) and Dark Pit (Dark Lloyd), Some of the other hunters were in there as roles as well as Xander Drake playing as Lucas, Ignis playing as Roy, Jewel playing as Palutena, Xander Mario playing as Robin and Baxter Ewers playing as Little Mac.