A list of all the characters in The Hunters series. Most of the Renders were made by RedHero14 but all of the characters (Except for Ignis and apparently Baxter Ewers is RedHero14) are XavierBronyXII's OCs.


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The faction of the main protagonists. Though they're strong they also lack equipment. They're the main targets of the antagonists and are easy to track down and target. They can be wiped out easily if you kill them one at a time.

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Dark RealmEdit

The main faction of antagonists. They're strong and not easy to defeat. If they wanted to, they could obliterate a whole continent within a few hours!

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Infinite ShadowsEdit

The main antagonists of the second game and are the main reason Convex turned evil.

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A faction of loners who are by themselves or in small groups of 2 or three.

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The characters in no faction.





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