The XavierBro13 encyclopedia knowledge Wikia
The XavierBro13 encyclopedia knowledge Wikia
Species Human/Cat/Demon
Age 2,000
Height 6'2"
Weight 171 lbs. (77.5 kg)
Gender Male
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Factions Hunters
Element Type Fire
Weapons Ken Furea
Home World Inferno Valley
"For those whom I must protect, I will not lose!"
―Ignis, Ignis while fighting Dark Lloyd.
Ignis (イグニス, Igunisu) is a Protagonist and a Fire Element of the Hunters. He is classified as Part Human, Part Cat, and Part Demon since he was born in the Netherrealm at Inferno Valley. Ignis also had trained for 2,000 years marking him currently aged 2,000 Possibly older than all the other hunters. His Pokémon Hybrid is Entei.


Ignis used to not have a lot of Armor on him which he looked like a Palette Swap of Lloyd Drako but was instead red. However his appearance is identical to Lloyd Drako instead he is red and now supports Blue Armor and his Shoes being updated to Blue and Red Boots, Also he now has a Blue Headband.


Ignis is calm and mental at the same time due to being half demon, Since his arrival to the Hunters, he had fought many times and sparred with at the same time.


Special Attacks[]

  • Metal Shruiken: Ignis throws out a Shruiken that is in flames of metal.

Weapon Attacks[]

  • Furea Breaker: Ignis charges his Ken Furea with flames before powerfully slamming it onto the ground and creating an explosion.
  • Furea Blast: Ignis' Ken Furea glows in flames then points it out to shoot a Fire Blast.
  • Furea Leap: Ignis performs a jumping uppercut with his ken furea ablaze.
  • Furea Slam: Simila to Furea Breaker, Ignis thrusts his Ken Furea to the ground creating a massive Fire Wave.

Element Type[]

Ignis is a Fire Element meaning all of his moves are all Fire related


Ignis is too easy to be hit by Water Elements, meaning he cannot handle them as he would be.



  • Ignis may be alittle bit referenced to Roy from Fire Emblem: The Blindng Blade.